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Wave Start Times


Wave Division Start Time Cap Color
1 M/F Elite
M&F 19 and under
Collegiate Male/Femal
7:00 AM Silver
2 M 40-49, Clydesdale 7:04 AM Gold
3 F 45+ Athena 7:08 AM Pink
4 M 30-39 7:12 AM Yellow
5 F 35-44 7:16 AM Green
6 M 20-29 7:20 AM Orange
7 M 50+ 7:24 AM Red
8 F 20-34/ Relays 7:28 AM Lt Blue

ChampionChip Information

Your ChampionChip ankle bracelet will be given out at the event. Please read the enclosed instructions carefully. Firmly attach the ankle bracelet around your ankle. You will wear this bracelet during the entire swim, bike and run. For relay teams, the ankle bracelet is handed off to each teammate for their respective segment of the event. The ankle bracelet must be removed and affixed in the designed relay team handoff area located in the main transition area.

All ChampionChip ankle chips will be collected at the finish of the race. If you drop out of the race for any reason, it is your responsibility to return the ChampionChip to the ChampionChip collection tent near the finish line. Athletes who do not return their ChampionChip will be disqualified from the race and billed for the replacement cost of the ChampionChip ($30).

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